We love teamwork at GYST, and we fill our team with vibrant, unique and dynamic personal assistants from different backgrounds. When we get the chance to combine our powers to create a special moment or finish a project for a client, we love showing off.


Two of our rockstar assistants, Rachel and Yuliya, recently came together to make it happen for a client who needed a project finished up for her daughter. The client asked Rachel to pick up ceramic tiles and paint so the kids in her daughter’s class could decorate them. After the tiles were decorated, they needed to be taken back to the Painted Pot to be fired in a kiln. Because Rachel was going out of town, the team stepped in to have Yuliya help out with the second part of the project.


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Plot twist: turns out that some of the kids had used markers on the tiles to decorate with the paint which burns off in the kiln. Thoughtful Yuliya traced over the kids tiles with special pottery pencils so the designs wouldn’t disappear. Not only was our team able to accomplish the task while Rachel was out of town, but Yuliya used her artistic skills to take the client’s project to the next level.

We love making sure our clients are taken care of, and our assistants taking care of each other is what the GYST Way is all about. To meet your own GYST assistant, click here.

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