Answers to common questions about working with GYST


How can I get started now?

Fill out this form to start working with your assistant fast.


Do you have a getting started guide?

Yes we do! Check out our Ultimate Guide to Working with an Assistant if You’ve Never Had One Before and email your questions to hi@gystplease.com (link to the blog)

How long does it take for my assistant and me to get in sync?

Our assistants come packed with a lot of experience and are very proactive, so it won’t take long! The more forthcoming you are with your own preferences, and the more specific you can be about the results you are looking for with the first few requests, the sooner your assistant will be able to think like you and anticipate your needs. We find most client and assistant duos are running like well oiled machines after about two weeks of working together for about 5 hours/week at least.

I have a lot on my list. How will my assistant know where to start?

GYST assistants have extensive experience and are masters at knowing where to start. Your assistant will ask you for your huge monster to do list, evaluate the full scope of work and create an action plan with you. After that, sit back and watch your to dos get completed thoroughly and efficiently. Our assistants are known for being exceptionally proactive, so don’t be surprised when they discover tasks that need doing you may not have even realized!

What is the best way to get in touch with my assistant?

Your assistant can be reached by calls, texts, emails, or whatever method you prefer. During your complimentary 30 minute session or your first working session, your assistant will ask you about your preferred method of communication.

What can I expect from my first session with my assistant?

During your first session, you and your assistant will take a look at that monster to do list and create an action plan. Your assistant will ask about your general preferences so she can begin thinking in your shoes, and may have questions about specific tasks or requests. Together you will pick a first project, and off you go!


Are GYST assistants available to work on weekends?

Yes! If you need extra support on weekends, you are able to schedule time directly with your GYST assistant. If your usual assistant isn’t available in a pinch, we’ll send you another assistant who will be brought up to speed at no additional cost to you.

What are the hours I can work with my GYST assistant?

The time of day and number of hours you work with your GYST assistant are scheduled between you and your assistant directly. Many of our clients choose to give their assistants access to their home while at work, and others choose to schedule weekly standing sessions when they know they will be home and available. We want you to work with your assistant in the most comfortable, efficient setup possible, and that’s different for everyone.

How do I schedule with a GYST assistant?

During your complimentary 30 minute meeting you will discuss the best starting point with your assistant. Once you’ve completed our Client Agreement and are off and running, your assistant will be in touch directly to confirm the plan and schedule your first session. From there, you will coordinate your working schedule directly with your assistant. We recommend setting regular, weekly standing sessions as a starting place.



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