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What if my assistant is sick and can’t come in?

If your assistant is unable to come to work as planned due to illness you will always have the option to work with another assistant from our team. You will be notified by our office about your usual assistant’s absence and from there we will work together to make sure you have the support you need.

What if my assistant goes on vacation or is out of town?

If your assistant is out of town or unavailable for any reason we have a team of assistants who are happy and able to step in to work with you. When an assistant has a planned absence you will be notified 2 weeks in advance and we will familiarize a substitute assistant to fill in seamlessly at no cost to you!


What if I need more than one assistant on a regular basis?

We will work with you to determine your support needs and the right match of multiple assistants to work with you on a regular basis. You will be billed at your standard hourly rate for the time each assistant spends working on your projects.

Can I work with more than one GYST assistant on a specific project?

Absolutely! GYST assistants work seamlessly as a team, and are available to work with your current assistant for special projects or on an as-needed basis. If you’re having an event, need help packing, or need additional support for any reason we’ll always be here for you!


What is Pyggy Bank?

Pyggy Bank provides an easy and secure way for your assistant to make purchases for you without having to track petty cash or use your personal credit or debit card. You can sign up for Pyggy Bank when you sign your Client Agreement, or at any point during your relationship with GYST.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You tell us how much money you would like to deposit into your Pyggy Bank in increments of $100, and you can elect to have your Pyggy Bank automatically reloaded once the balance is below $25.
  2. The credit card you have on file with GYST will be charged for the Pyggy Bank deposit amount you specify.
  3. Your assistant will have a pre-paid card with your Pyggy Bank funds loaded onto it to use when making purchases for you.

There is a $50 annual fee for Pyggy Bank accounts.

How does Pyggy Bank work?

Pyggy Bank is really simple. Here’s how it works:

  1. We charge your credit card, and deposit the funds into your Pyggy Bank account.
  2. Your assistant receives a card with their name on it with access to your Pyggy Bank.
  3. Your assistant can use their Pyggy Bank card to make purchases for you person and online.

Your assistant cannot use their Pyggy Bank card to withdraw cash.

How do I add money to my Pyggy Bank?

When you sign up for the Pyggy Bank you will have the option to set up an auto-reload amount. If you choose this method every time your Pyggy Bank card dips below $100 it will be automatically reloaded to your designated amount. You also have the option to be notified when your account is running low and to authorize each refill.

Does my assistant have access to my credit card with Pyggy Bank?

Your assistant will never have access to your credit card. Your assistant will have a Pyggy Bank card with access to your Pyggy Bank funds and that’s it.

Is there a limit to how much I can add to my Pyggy Bank?

There is no limit to how much you can add to your Pyggy Bank balance.

Do I approve the purchases made with Pyggy Bank?

How your assistant uses your Pyggy Bank depends on your preferences. If you would like them to check in with you before every purchase, they will! Your assistant will ask about spending money on your behalf during your first working session.

How can I close my Pyggy Bank account?

To close your account, reach out to our Client Experience Director at hi@gystplease.com. We will remove the remaining funds from your Pyggy Bank and they will be applied to your next GYST invoice or refunded directly to your credit card.



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