Tell us about Bell Family Company and where the idea came from, and what Bell Family
Company brings to parents in NYC.

I’m the oldest of 5 girls, so I have been caring for children since I can remember. I moved to NYC in 2005 and began babysitting for a few families on UES whom I met through a friend. I called the group something different then, and later changed the name in 2013 to Bell Family, my maiden name, since we didn’t have any boys to carry out our family’s name! Bell Family is a NY family’s home away from home to call on for an extra pair of hands, on demand sitting, part or full time nanny services, event sitters, travels sitters and more! It’s reassurance that someone always has your back in a childcare jam and that only the best of providers will be caring for your lil ones.


Give us a snapshot of what your “typical day” looks like.

My typical day changed drastically as of March 30th when my first baby was born. I did a lot of planning to prepare my schedule beforehand, and it’s been working out pretty well. I wake up anywhere between 6-7:30am, put in a load of laundry, make coffee and then nurse my son while I check emails. I go into the office three days a week and plan interviews in the evening when my husband is home to spend time with our son. I take my son to meetings (sometimes), and I work with 3 family members so I get to spend time with family while working, anything to multitask. I make sure I have at least two coffee dates per week with potential partners for new business.


What’s your most productive time of day? What do you use that time for?

I try to make every hour of every day productive, it keeps me motivated and I sleep better knowing I accomplished so much in one day. In the evening I spend planning the next day so it’s just as productive.


How do you balance your work life with all of the extra to dos that come with being a mom?

Multitask to the maximum. My mother accomplishes more in one day then an average person does in a week. My mom is my coach in getting things done, and I’m just like her. I have a lot of energy and I get excited about accomplishments, even small ones like making dinner or going for a run. I have a daily schedule and follow it, checking off my to-dos as the day goes on. My son changes things up here and there, but he has merged so naturally into our lives. I tell people he is made for an entrepreneur mom and dad. He just bops around with us, and is generally happy for every adventure.


(If you have an assistant) How do you work with your assistant to make it all happen?

I don’t have an assistant, but I have a very supportive husband, loyal employees and a helpful family. I hire sitters when I need the extra pair of hands with my son.


If you could spend one whole hour doing whatever you wanted to do, what would you do?!

I’d get a massage or take a bubble bath.


Why do you love being a mom and entrepreneur?

Being a mom is not easy. Being an entrepreneur is harder than being a mom. The ultimate warrior is both a mom and entrepreneur. I love that I built something that allows me to make my own hours/schedule, challenges me every day and I’m able to be with my son most of the time.


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