How Two GYST Assistants Tag Teamed to Make it Happen

What would happen if you had not one, but two, rockstar GYST assistants on your team?! These are some of our favorite GYST moments, because as effective as our assistants are alone, with their powers combined they are unstoppable! When we have the chance to work together we enhance each other’s skill sets to provide the ultimate problem-solving service experience for our clients. Behold, a tale of the team star power at GYST.


Meet rockstar GYST assistants Alli and Jillian. Their super powers combined to create a complete solution for a client overwhelmed with updating and organizing a very large digital file archive. Alli took the lead and collected all of the hard drives and external drives where the source material was scattered, and then figured out how to convert files from old format to new. Alli called in our resident tech expert, Jillian, to help figure out an easy to use, intuitive digital organizing system, and together they spent several hours working with the client to reinstall the entire archive on the client’s current technology. Alli and Jillian took extra care to work with the client to ensure she knew exactly how to use the new system and how to keep it up. Bonus: the client’s dog found two new best friends.


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Assistants taking care of each other in order to take care of our clients is part of The GYST Way, and this story of our core values at work for our assistants and clients is what it’s all about.


Did you know…?

When you work with a dedicated GYST assistant you have access to our entire team. Your assistant can use our team as a resource to find a much more reliable solution to every problem, plus you always have a team on standby in case you need a few extra hands on deck.


A note about confidentiality:

Protecting our clients’ confidentiality is our utmost priority. Every story on our blog is shared with permission and client names and identifying details have been altered.


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